South Florida is the hottest spot in the country literally and figuratively! It’s no wonder there are so many towers going up to fill the need for our ever growing population. As a result of our increasing population and extreme heat, the older structures begin to show signs of aging and deterioration. Our experts are well versed in envelope restoration and waterproofing in fully occupied high rises. We are accustomed to working with board members, property managers, project managers to restore and protect their buildings. We are solution focused and results driven. Our team has worked on several high-rise structures throughout South Florida, our services includes:

  • Concrete Restoration
  • Expansion Joints
  • Masonry & Stucco
  • Structural Repairs   
  • Glass Railing
  • Caulking & Painting
  • Waterproofing

  • Post Tension Repairs

  • Impact Glass Installation

Maintaining a watertight building envelope is crucial in preventing leaks and failures. Our number one focus is to deliver all of our projects on-time and within budget so that the only call we get from our clients is for a referral or a future project. We will develop an individualized plan for each building to mitigate risks and restore your structure to its original state.


Deferred maintenance and HOA financial mismanagement has been a hot topic in South Florida. But after the disaster at Champlain towers made national headlines, our community has awoken to the potential risks associated with putting necessary repairs on the backburner. Don’t sit back while your association dues are being used for unnecessary improvements. It happens all too often, a board decides to spend millions renovating the common areas and lobby and meanwhile the roof about to cave in, leaving residents to pick up the pieces when disaster strikes. Get involved and seek a second opinion, make sure your hard earned money is being put to good use.


When working in fully occupied buildings it is important to mitigate risks and enforce strict safety guidelines. Management will work with you to implement a strategy to successfully carry out your project to completion with minimal disturbance to the residents. Our team has been working together for years, manpower is consistent and we have proven ourselves to be a trusted team that has withstood the test of time. We take preemptive action to familiarize ourselves with every jobsite and maintain consistent work flow as we prioritize safety, completion time and budget on each project. Our project managers are all OSHA certified and possess the vision and knowledge to overcome obstacles, mitigate risks and safeguard your property.